Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sun SecondLife Press Conference...A Disappointing Experience

Disappointed, I forgot to set an alarm so I ended up getting online about 8 minutes after the start.

When I got there I couldn't get into the Sun Pavilion. I was told when I tried to get in directly that the space was invalid.
Stacia and Doug tried to invite(teleport me in), but they got parcel is full messages.
When they finally could invite me I got the following error.
could not teleport

On the plus side, I guess this means it was popular enough to fill up quickly.

I did get told to shove off by a female avatar in mime wearing a shirt but no pants.
(although I am guessing that it was really all rendering problems not really someone in mime, that and the use of words)

So the message is mixed, for Stacia, it worked and was cool, she could hear the conference and I think see the video.
Doug was unable to hear the streaming audio and when directed to the instructions board he was unable to get it to resolve.
(Some items in SL are out of focus, I would guess to save bandwidth, when you look at them the come into focus)

It seems to me that we may need a teleport area for business purposes. After I teleported in, I was standing around for about two minutes with only a shirt on. No hair, no pants.  While the thought of virtual streaking the conference amuses me I think it might not be the best idea.

Now while we are waiting for people to join, as opposed to getting on a con call, we need to wait for a couple of minutes after they are in to have pants on before they can come in.

I wonder if you can code objects to reject avatars not in pants (assuming that pants are the generic name for lower body clothing)

Note the mocking...that there in the center, that is where you want to be.
See that tiny little arrow, you are way over there.
Invalid Location

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