Thursday, October 19, 2006

New Posting/Composing Method?

Publishing test from

Paul posted not too long ago about publishing to from

I am giving it a shot, I have been using ecto for posting and I like it a lot.

However I am less pleased with it's HTML editing, or RTF to HTML as rendered by default
on b.s.c.

So at the moment I am editing HTML in Nvu, which is working well, however I am trying for HTML editing to see how I like it instead.

Nvu does a great job at HTML editing, but it is more feature rich that I feel that I need
in general for blog posts.  I also find that I am online the majority of the time while I am
composing blog entries.

Again it seems that almost everything goes back to the current capacity of my laptop, but
if I can do most(all) of this in a browser interface that I don't hate, why not.

Now to see how timing is working, Paul commented that there were issues with time offsets.

I am having similar problems using Ecto, I thought I had it mostly worked out but instead
every post I publish is way off in time. At some point I will revisit that, but for now I am
logging in and modifying the time for every post.

Well, here goes.

well, the post was 6 hours in the future
Now to see if I can publish an update, of if this will go in as a separate post.

Edit 2: Good news and bad news
Good News: "re-publish" acts as an update, not a new post
Bad News: It resets the publish time to now+6 hours

(now to publish again and manually edit the time (again))

It works AND the HTML is not an ugly mess
If it comes down to it I can copy and paste HTML as I was before
I may continue to use to write entries, particularly since etco fetches them after they are posted.

Edit 3: Lame
One thing I just noticed is that the posted HTML (as opposed to the editor displayed HTML)
is posted as all one line. It doesn't hurt the rendering at all, but does make it significantly
harder to read the raw HTML once it is posted.

Ecto downloads the HTML in the same fashion (no linebreaks) which indicates to me that it is
not a local ( editor) rendering problem.

Also, I can't figure out how to apply tags from inside the editor,
only from the list of documents (and I am not sure how it will work in any case).

Broke something, I can't publish updates anymore, the url specific
to this entry no longer appears to be valid (some edit on one side or the other has
probably caused it to change) (now updating from ecto)

Edit 'The Last':
The problem that I have with ecto and line breaks persists, the valid looking HTML
is stripping the line breaks. Trying to publish RTF both with local 'convert line breaks' enabled
and disabled results in a nice solid block of text. Back to Taking well formatted HTML
(from Nvu or and pasting into ecto. Yet another thing to spend time on later
to try and figure out.

Strangely each update I sent with ecto bumped the publish time forward by one hour,
not sure what that is about either.

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