Wednesday, October 4, 2006

CEC: Avoiding Expensive Performance Disappointments

Bob Sneed

The problem is probably due to what such problems are usually due to.

For the large part...beleives root cause analysis is a waste of time and money.

Recommends Patterns and Anti patterns books.

AntiPatterns (Stuff we know doesn't work)




How to fix it

Collecting Data

No data




Mountains of Data

"Climb Every Mountain" -- Irrational Change Control Enforcement

"Monkey in the Middle" -- Uncooperative party between customer and 'right answer'

"Dueling Engagement Models"

More than I can succinctly and usefully indicate

The customer is not always right! (but we knew that)

The customer should know what is going on but the customer dictating what they think the problem


Customer will not give us requested data

"We do not have a good relationship"

"The customer will not follow our advice"

no good trust relationship

"customer will not cooperate, we've doone all we can do!"

work on soft skills

Summary: work on the relationship

Technical Antipatterns

Problems on EOL

(more I can't condense quickly)

Data Collection

Start with business problem

Check for bogus problem

Check config

Check resource

Who the Heck was William Dawes?

See Harvard Business Review 12/2005

Bob made a slide using his kids to discuss bug processing/submission.

Pass the Ball or Carry it?


when, how to whom


when how with whom

Experts look for two things:

patterns: things you have seen before

can be a slide or a white-paper

things you have not seen before

no substitute for expertise

Bob's take:

Lowest cost sollution -- apply expert early (and often but only for new issues)

Define solution pass to assistant

Think Doctor and Physicians Assistant

A problem that can be understood can be addressed by the PA

Get an expert negotiator to convince a customer that "thing" has to happen, the 400K$ in lab work is not required to debug a simple config problem on a 1M$ system.




Computer Measurement Group


Cool Tools:

GCCFSS gcc for sparc

Cool Stack Pre-compiled and SPARC-Optimized binaries

And More!


Solaris Internals

Solaris Performance and Tools

"Soft Skills"

"Getting to Yes"

"Optimizing Oracle Performance" Chapters 1-3

More books, not writing them all down ... Work on relationship skills (just do it)

Final Thoughts

Play position, pass the ball

Improve Skills

Work with Communities

Stay informed


Know your limits

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