Sunday, October 8, 2006

BBC NEWS | Europe | France to ban smoking in public

NEWS | Europe | France to ban smoking in public
Mr de Villepin made the announcement in a television

"We started on the basis of a simple observation - two figures: 60,000
deaths a year in our country linked directly to tobacco consumption and
5,000 deaths linked to passive smoking.
"That makes more than 13 deaths a day. It is an unacceptable reality in
our country in terms of public health," he said.

My wife will be ecstatic, she is almost rabid in her dislike for
smoking. But then it may be the surgery to remove a lung lobe that her
mother had just after our wedding.

Possibly we will go an visit Paris (Not that the smoking was preventing
it, just that it is a bit more attractive now)
One of the observations I made at Sun's CEC, was that every night when
I got home(my mother hated that, and my wife isn't fond of it*) I had
that ugg, I am going to have to wash the smoke out of my hair unless I
want to sleep with it moment.

Then I realized! no, I won't have to do that at smoking in
public places! WOOT

* The first time I said to my parents that I was going home (back to
school), when I was at home (where I/my parents live), my mother cried.
I tend to call the place I am sleeping home.

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