Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The ZFS Device Shuffle

I shot this video/screencast demo thing nine or ten months ago. The audio from the datacenter was terrible. I have been sitting on it and some voice overs that I wasn't pleased with for about 4 months. Today I decided that it was time finally get it published, did another voice over and while it isn't perfect its good enough.

This video was inspired by CSI: Munich I watched it and thought, wait I have an x4500!

Link to ZFS Device Shuffle on Mediacast

Here instead we will try an object embedded quicktime found at Bye Bye Embed, the video above is being served from the all new and improved


Edit: I have uploaded an amplified version, it appears that unless you are using good isolation earbuds or have relatively good quality speakers you can't really hear the audio portion. The trial copy of "Sound Studio" I downloaded did a wonderful job of letting me amplify the audio. The audio and video are the same, only the link has changed (It does not appear possible to replace the original content )

While I was at it we just released a new version of (I could never get my login to the old one working). For some reason smugmug is taking 23MB of video and reprocessing it to 94MB. I can download that in about 3 minutes but the size is ridiculous. (No wonder my wife said it took forever to play)


ZFS Device Shuffle Video
(This is the smugmug video, I still like the interface it just isn't quite doing it for me otherwise)

 Edit: A bit of clarity I should go to bed at 02:30 instead of messing with my blog

Monday, January 28, 2008

Hockey: We won 5-0 (and a weekend recap)

We won 5 - 0, I got the game winning goal and an assist. Now I'm not really tired it will make for a long day tomorrow.

I left for the game right after we finished watching the NHL All Stars, I enjoyed the game. All in all it was a really hockey weekend. On Saturday we drove up to Hershey, PA for a Bears game (The Caps Farm team). We got in a little late and they were down 3 - 0 against the Senators.

In the end the Bears won 5 - 3, we hung out after the game for some autographs, talked to some of the players it was a nice day even if the drive home seemed a little long.

Slept in this morning (felt great) before doing some work around the house. @cdash and I pulled out the dish washer to insulate behind it, put new casters on an ottoman and tore up some defiled carpet and molding.

Now I have a two week break and a nice early 11:15 game (the latest possible slot) on a Monday.

In the end it was a good weekend but I'll pay for it in the morning. I think there may be a bit of Wii Lego Starwars in my future.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Firefox extension compatability override

The next time you disable the compatibility override and want it back...because you really want the XYZ plugin and you value it over stability or possibly usability.

about:config -> add boolean "extensions.checkCompatibility" false and restart

(This is really a note to myself)

Monday, January 21, 2008

China: Great Wall at Mutianyu

While we were in China we spent some time on the Great Wall at Mutianyu. In the gallery there is a "You are Here" mark on the

map. We hiked (or more like climbed) from that point to the end (the 20) and back. You can see un-restored wall at the end.

(FYI: Courtney took the large picture above)

OLPC Pictures

I ordered/donated an OLPC XO-1 as part of the Give One Get One program
these are the pictures that ThinGuy scolded me for not posting a month ago.

OLPC shipping box OLPC Battery OLPC AC Charger OLPC XO-1 and Charger

OLPC not for use by Infants

OLPC Booting OLPC Booting OLPC Booting OLPC Booted

These pictures are from un-boxing the OLPC and booting it for the first time. I have enjoyed using it. The keyboard is a little small for adult hands (this is not a surprise or a criticism). The trans-reflective screen is impressively clear, the backlit screen is a little hard to read for small text (at least for me).

The packaging is sparse but solid, my favorite part of the whole delivery presentation is the warnings page, particularly "Not for use by Infants."

All in all I am glad I donated.

The whole gallery in Vegas (belated)

I have had these pictures sitting on my laptop for about 1/2 a year. I pulled a couple out for a screen cast that I still haven't published because the audio blows. I have been doing a better job again on publishing pictures shortly after I take them. is the Sun Grid Compute Utility, I have a few pictures from the on site work. setup in Vegas, Bellagio, Glass Flower Ceiling setup in Vegas, Shawn, Courtney setup in Vegas, Compute Nodes setup in Vegas, Thumper disk bay, green setup in Vegas, Torx Peg in a Hex Hole. I didn't put it in there :), I just removed it so we could relocate the rails. setup in Vegas, Courtney loves Storage setup in Vegas, Core Switch Time Servers

The Whole Gallery

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Checking to see if Ecto 3.0b20 can download this entry

Checking to see if Ecto 3.0b20 can download this entry before I say anything about it in mail. I thought it was working now, but it might only be updates to entries that it already knows about.

Edit: It worked.

Edit: It also picked up the edit (and I expect, will pick this one up as well) but if I keep updating to say this this post will get really old really fast

Monday, January 7, 2008

My Sister is a Mover & Shaker in the 2007 Baltimore Theatre Scene

My younger sister just sent out a link to the article Movers & Shakers: 46 Artists of the 2007 Baltimore Theatre by James Howard she is listed as a part of the "The Masters Class of 2007".

Just as there are "new faces" every year, so too are there familiar names and faces that have been sharing their expertise and love for theatre with local audiences for years. Here, in alphabetical order, are the 10 men and 10 women who really distinguished themselves onstage or behind the scenes this year, even surpassing their already monumental achievements.


Karina Ferry (The Mineola Twins, Angels in America: Perestroika, The Great American Trailer Park Musical): My first brush with Karina Ferry was when she replaced another actress in a production of And Then There Were None. She was so good, that both she and the other actress were named Outstanding Actress for the same role last year. She continued her excellent work this year in The Mineola Twins, in a supporting role, but nothing prepared me for her next two performances. First, she gave a gutsy, all-out performance as the drug-addled Harper in Angels in America: Perestroika at Spotlighters, then dazzled us at the same venue with her best trailer trash shtick in The Great American Trailer Park Musical. Ms. Ferry has been on the Baltimore scene for some time, but this year she took her skills to a whole new level.

My sister doesn't read this blog but I think that it is cool even though I won't remember to tell her that in person.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hockey: We won 2-1

We got a goal in the first and second periods. The Kings scored with about 1:38 in the 3rd and pulled their goalie at 1:00. It was a bit exciting there at the end.