Tuesday, June 28, 2005

You can make a lovely hat out of previously-used aluminum foil.

What is: A Gmail Trash "Recycling Tip"?

I Laugh: Ha Ha

Monday, June 27, 2005

Add an Ultra 20 to the list of things I want...

The price on the
Ultra 20
looks really good.

I really want:

A v20z,
and a

Actually two each of the servers wouldn't be bad except for the fan
noise and the power. All of my old equipment (more than 20% of my
current power bill) could be consolidated onto a v20z with plenty of
room to spare.


Friday, June 24, 2005

zweigles texas hots

We recently got a Wegmans (grocery store, supermarket, really kick butt
food other junk place)

One of C-'s coworkers/friends is from Upstate NY (The home of Wegmans),
and asked us to check and see if they had any "Zweigles Texas Hots"

"Zweigles Texas Hots" are apparently also a product of Upstate NY.
Prompting the question from a coworker (and former resident of Texas) of
mine: "Why is everything that has Texas in the name not from Texas?"

So "Zweigles Texas Hots" are hotdogs/frankfurters. Red and White
variety. No skin and Natural Pop-Open casing.

Also: Tastes Good

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Fun with Phones

So I finally fixed my home phone setup, only to find some entertaining

First I needed to get a punchdown tool, I thought I had one but all of
my searching turned up nothing. I do however have two ratcheting crimp
tools. I also appear to be down one set of Coaxial crimp heads.

Second I needed to rewire my landline at the NID to continue to provide
service to my alarm and to switch line 1 to the inside wiring for line
2. (This could have been done inside but I didn't want to pull the
connections off the internal punchdowns)

My landline actually routes first to the alarm then into the house so
the alarm can preempt existing calls.

Third I needed to punch a line from my Vonage VOIP gateway into the
wiring for line 1.

All of that accomplished and tested I then went to demo the voice mail
function of our new phone to C-. (The phone detects the stutter tone
that indicates voicemail and lights an indicator on the base and

------------- (Fun Starts Here) --------

The phone is programed with the voicemail access number. Accessing VM is
as easy as pressing the VM button and selecting a line. (This should be
easier the phone should know what line has a stutter tone)

Upon calling the number for the VOIP line (VM access number) my second
line rings. I have a call from myself.

Vonage provides a call forward feature when the VOIP gateway is down,
the line is busy, the line is not answered and other fairly standard
call access features.

The defined forwarding number is the landline...sigh maybe there is an
alternate VM access number or the behavior can be modified to not
forward calls from it's own number.

As I get a look from C- telling me, "Wow that is neat, you can call
yourself on the phone!. Can you put yourself on speaker go in a dark
room and have a confrence call?"


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Wikipedia: Heavy Metal Umlaut

To quote the person that posted this.

This is funny.


OpenSolaris Popularity?

It appears that OpenSolaris is popular(This may be an understatement).

I have been pushing an average of 200Kbps since I started seeding.

I wonder if we have tracker stats available. Or stats from all of the
download methods for that matter.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Disapointed and Excited All at Once

I downloaded snv_16 which is not quite as uptodate as the downloadable
OpenSolaris code.

PXE booting to a grub menu was really way too cool!

Not getting an address for the actual boot was lame and now not being
able to repeat anything except dhcp not working it is disapointing.

I was hoping to get snv_16 installed tonight and start compiling
OpenSolaris tomorrow.

Taking one last look at my configuration shows that somehow I lost the
client idnetifier for my statically assigned DHCP address. I have
re-modified the entry and it is time for another shot.

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OpenSolaris Torrent Tracker Problem

I had been seeding the OpenSolaris when I started getting errors about
most of the torrents from the tracker.

If you are having problems getting everything except opensolaris-src...
then it would appear to be the same issue.

Although while I was writing this demand for the single file has

Edit: I restarted everything again when I got home. Naturally after I
say something they all started working. It appears I forgot to publish
this update, things have been working fully since around 19:00 Eastern

Downloading OpenSolaris

I am currently getting a good 80KB/s down and I have flipped to seeding
i386 closed bins and SUNWonbld.

Looks like 25min to finish bfu and src.

Then to look at distributed grid builds! It looks like I have a new
thing to suck up my free time.

Monday, June 13, 2005

JB weld rocks

that is all really, JB weld rocks

Biking: short and not fast

Went for a ride on Firday after I got home from work. I determined that.

  1. I have no idea where the lid for my camelbak bladder is

  2. It really is time for a new helmet

  3. I need a better place to wear the battery for my headlamp

  4. It is obnoxious when your front wheel is loose

  5. (4a really) Shearing off your skewer is not condusive to a good ride

  6. (4b) C-'s road bike is now short a skewer

  7. My bike pump may be in need of replacement as even I am having
    problems with it

  8. It took me over an hour to get out the door for an ~30min ride

  9. My front brake alignment was a simple fix

  10. I felt great after the ride

  11. ~7miles at 14.4 mph

  12. (11a) I rode to the office and back

I had to edit the source of this entry to get out of that list.


Putback Failures

Everytime I post with BlogEd I get a java class exception because of an
error making a cast. I didn't used to get that error.

I would post a screenshot but I closed it, I believe that BlogEd will
facilitate adding an image after the fact.

Too Busy To Blog?

I have been thinking about stuff to blog for a while. I keep nto writing
the entries. So the following posts in some random order will be at least
some of the things I have been thining about.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Nevada Build 16

I downloaded Nevada Build 16 last night. Hopefully I can get things
together enough to try and rebuild my little laptop this weekend.

Actually I think I will try an upgrade to see if I can get it to work, I
think I allocated a partition to try live upgrade when I built it.

I really want to see "New Boot"

Vaguely on that note, if anyone has an external vga connector for a Sony
PCG-U3 I wouldn't mind if you wanted to send it to me.

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Vonage call lentgh limit?

So it was confirmed...sort of

Jun 01, 2005 01:11 PM 04:00:00

Jun 01, 2005 09:07 AM 04:00:00

May 30, 2005 01:09 PM 04:00:00

May 30, 2005 09:08 AM 04:00:00

My calls drop at 4 hours, still no idea where the limitation is
and no real testing.

If I can plan for another long call I will try moving the VOIP
gateway outside the firewall but I can't currently think of a
limit that would be imposed by the firewall that I wouldn't hit
with other long running connections like music streaming.

Maybe I need to try and start a Skype call and let it run for 4
hours and see if it drops.


I just got a "call" or really an IM then a call to figure out my skype ID

A coworker is going to London and trying to figure out how to do some

The builtin mic on his laptop is broken, I had him plugin headphones and
talk to them.

He says his wife was looking at him quzically. It worked though.