Monday, June 13, 2005

Biking: short and not fast

Went for a ride on Firday after I got home from work. I determined that.

  1. I have no idea where the lid for my camelbak bladder is

  2. It really is time for a new helmet

  3. I need a better place to wear the battery for my headlamp

  4. It is obnoxious when your front wheel is loose

  5. (4a really) Shearing off your skewer is not condusive to a good ride

  6. (4b) C-'s road bike is now short a skewer

  7. My bike pump may be in need of replacement as even I am having
    problems with it

  8. It took me over an hour to get out the door for an ~30min ride

  9. My front brake alignment was a simple fix

  10. I felt great after the ride

  11. ~7miles at 14.4 mph

  12. (11a) I rode to the office and back

I had to edit the source of this entry to get out of that list.


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