Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Fun with Phones

So I finally fixed my home phone setup, only to find some entertaining

First I needed to get a punchdown tool, I thought I had one but all of
my searching turned up nothing. I do however have two ratcheting crimp
tools. I also appear to be down one set of Coaxial crimp heads.

Second I needed to rewire my landline at the NID to continue to provide
service to my alarm and to switch line 1 to the inside wiring for line
2. (This could have been done inside but I didn't want to pull the
connections off the internal punchdowns)

My landline actually routes first to the alarm then into the house so
the alarm can preempt existing calls.

Third I needed to punch a line from my Vonage VOIP gateway into the
wiring for line 1.

All of that accomplished and tested I then went to demo the voice mail
function of our new phone to C-. (The phone detects the stutter tone
that indicates voicemail and lights an indicator on the base and

------------- (Fun Starts Here) --------

The phone is programed with the voicemail access number. Accessing VM is
as easy as pressing the VM button and selecting a line. (This should be
easier the phone should know what line has a stutter tone)

Upon calling the number for the VOIP line (VM access number) my second
line rings. I have a call from myself.

Vonage provides a call forward feature when the VOIP gateway is down,
the line is busy, the line is not answered and other fairly standard
call access features.

The defined forwarding number is the landline...sigh maybe there is an
alternate VM access number or the behavior can be modified to not
forward calls from it's own number.

As I get a look from C- telling me, "Wow that is neat, you can call
yourself on the phone!. Can you put yourself on speaker go in a dark
room and have a confrence call?"


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