Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Caps vs Bruins Pre-Season

We enjoyed the first home game for the Caps this year. It doesn't hurt that it was a reasonably close game, a couple of our young talent scored, there was a fight and the home team won. Here for your viewing enjoyment are a few pictures from the game.

King and Thorton fight in the first King and Thorton fight in the first King and Thorton fight in the first
King and Thorton Fight in the 1st

Mathieu Perreault scores with a Snap Shot at 8:40 in the 1st
Mathieu Perreault scores with a Snap Shot at 8:40 in the 1st

Day Hike on the AT

Managed to start this entry and never post it. I do that sometimes... 25 days ago

Carried CamelBak Rim Runner which I think is about 10 years old, it didn't disintegrate in the closet. Weather was beautiful company was good. Attempt to patch smaller Hydrapack was a failure so C- got wet.

Pleased with the North Face Singletrack although with a loaded pack I think I would want a bit more height for ankle support (maybe).

We did end up taking almost 6 hours to do 12.5 miles but the fluid needs were lower than expected (e.g. not 100oz in 3 hours of relatively easy hiking in nice weather). Food Choices were correct in volume 2 PB&Js each and I also had a Hammer Bar early in.

Saw a bunch of people running, chatted with one on an uphill section, she was pre-running the trail part of the JFK 50. Yet again I have more respect for people doing ultras on more technical terrain. For some reason that doesn't stop me from wanting to do them.

Shawn, Steve and Courtney at Crampton G
Shawn, Steve and Courtney at Crampton Gap

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Icing my foot and reading ultra running blogs

I spent the last few hours reading ultra running blogs starting with the race report for the Burning Man 50k with ice packs on my right foot.

I think it started last Saturday when I ran 23 miles. I was tired at the end but found myself running on and off with a big grin. Finished up, went grocery shopping with C- and home to clean up for Mike and Mindy's Reception. I wore my new Vivo Barefoot shoes they were comfortable but felt a little tight over the arch of my right foot.

Sunday I ran an easy 6mi felt a little tired from the run and late night, my foot hurt a little but not horribly. Monday I played hockey for only the second time in the season and my feet started to cramp a little at the end if the first period (I wear my skates a full size smaller than my shoes). Did an easy 7mi on Tuesday did goal pace mile repeats on Thursday.
Saturday I was supposed to run 18 with 8 or so at race pace instead I was exhausted and have taken the weekend off.

I thinking I will walk over to pick up some prescriptions and back just so I do something today. Hockey game at 9:15 I'm undecided. Should I rest what is probably tendonitits or should I play I want to run both races but if I go into Baltimore with a nagging injury doing well at MCM is probably off the table.

27 days to 10th Baltimore Marathon
41 days to 35th Marine Marathon