Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day Hike on the AT

Managed to start this entry and never post it. I do that sometimes... 25 days ago

Carried CamelBak Rim Runner which I think is about 10 years old, it didn't disintegrate in the closet. Weather was beautiful company was good. Attempt to patch smaller Hydrapack was a failure so C- got wet.

Pleased with the North Face Singletrack although with a loaded pack I think I would want a bit more height for ankle support (maybe).

We did end up taking almost 6 hours to do 12.5 miles but the fluid needs were lower than expected (e.g. not 100oz in 3 hours of relatively easy hiking in nice weather). Food Choices were correct in volume 2 PB&Js each and I also had a Hammer Bar early in.

Saw a bunch of people running, chatted with one on an uphill section, she was pre-running the trail part of the JFK 50. Yet again I have more respect for people doing ultras on more technical terrain. For some reason that doesn't stop me from wanting to do them.

Shawn, Steve and Courtney at Crampton G
Shawn, Steve and Courtney at Crampton Gap

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