Monday, October 29, 2007

CEC non-technical video

I had plans for a video at CEC, in the end with so much going on and having brought a big still camera I ended up not doing an video.

I'll leave you with this small sample of one morning at CEC (audio required):

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

China: Shanghai Day 1

By the time we got to the hotel we had been up for ~25 hours. The flight was fine, a little bit worried at first when I went to check the status and saw canceled at 04:00 (it had been pushed back 7 minutes). Once we landed our guide was right past customs which was fortunate given the high volume of passengers and people waiting for them.

After about an hour in a van going to the hotel we checked in (now in a suite, not what we were expecting, we seem to have gotten a bump to the executive levels). @cdash took a bath to clear her sinuses and the rest of us went for a walk in the park across the street so we wouldn't fall asleep before we meant to. We took some pictures in the park, got turned around and made it back to the hotel for dinner.

View as we left the park at dusk

On the way out the door for our tours of

  • Yu Yuan Garden
  • The Bund
  • Shanghai Museum
  • Shanghai Urban Exhibition Center

Friday, October 12, 2007

CEC: Dinner w/ThinGuy Bhlackey, louspringer and some non-twitter heathens at Firefly*

Firefly* on Paradise Tapas Kitchen & Bar

ThinGuy's wife, Bhlackey, artp

louspringer, the guys who's names I can't remember

louspringer and thinguy

another name I can't remember and thinguy

(Update: Fixed louspringers name on the second pic. no idea how I missed that I typed lousmith the first time, sorry Lou)

The gallery

CEC: Wednesday GCS All Hands

CEC Red (or more orange)

CEC: Party (and beyond)

The party was interesting, the space was nearly big enough but the ability to move was constrained by the shape of the spaces.

A party in three parts:


The pool: Big hit, weather was really nice. Women dancing on platforms on the pool, RC boats running around the pool, piles of CEC attendees standing around the pool, live band. Long lines.

people watching the poolThe Pool

Air HockeyA spherical projector

The Band:

The bandThe BandThe BandThe Band

Inside, downstairs: Eh, dark, loud. Everyone was packing the pool side so lines inside (particularly upstairs) were non-existent when I was there. Easy access to taquitos wasn't especially engaging. We also had a briefly interesting but overall uninspiring Kill Bill interpretive dance also some disappointing fire play (I am spoiled).

Kill Bill as Interpretive Dance

Fire PlayIt is a tech conf after all

Little Buddha: Apparently there was sushi, I got a couple of pieces from the on the run guy, he would barely slow down to let you get anything. Couldn't find any of the carry out type boxes with food in them, no idea what they were. Dessert was tasty but I am not sure how the baklava relates to the sushi theme. Really tasty whipped peanut butter tart things (if you like peanut butter). I took one picture it wasn't so good.

The final I am sometimes a negative person verdict: music was to loud (always is) forgot my earplugs, party wasn't bad but it was somewhat hard to navigate. Got some good pictures of the dancing (sure to be a hit based on the long term ogling around the pool).

Ogling, take a picture it lasts longer :)A view from the upper deck

DancingdancingDancing for the cameraJust to make sure you are paying attention

Dancing for the camera

After the party we went back to the hotel had a drink and cigar at Napoleon's then on to an "outdoor" cafe/stage at paris.


I forgot the name of the group

After the party

Gallery of all the pictures.

CEC: Tuesday General Session

Breakfast, made of disturbingly uniform and low flavor egg:

overly uniform egg

Tuesday was "Green"

CEC 2007 in GreenFog projector thing

The sound mixer, this is a geeky conference after all:

Sound Mixer

Drummers warm up the crowd while slides discuss the eco-cost of current data-centers and technology.

Crowd Warmup, drummingDrumsDrums

Dan takes a picture of the crowd Eco Talk

Web 2.0 Eco-Costs Conference Joke

Jonathan's talk about developers and how Netapp's case against us is great publicity and told their customers

that we have a compelling product that threatens them.

JonathanDevelopers shouldn't have to pay for softwareNetapps case is great publicity

Solaris the Momentum is Undeniable:


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