Friday, October 12, 2007

CEC: Tuesday General Session

Breakfast, made of disturbingly uniform and low flavor egg:

overly uniform egg

Tuesday was "Green"

CEC 2007 in GreenFog projector thing

The sound mixer, this is a geeky conference after all:

Sound Mixer

Drummers warm up the crowd while slides discuss the eco-cost of current data-centers and technology.

Crowd Warmup, drummingDrumsDrums

Dan takes a picture of the crowd Eco Talk

Web 2.0 Eco-Costs Conference Joke

Jonathan's talk about developers and how Netapp's case against us is great publicity and told their customers

that we have a compelling product that threatens them.

JonathanDevelopers shouldn't have to pay for softwareNetapps case is great publicity

Solaris the Momentum is Undeniable:


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