Saturday, October 6, 2007

CEC 2.0: Packing heavy

It is going to be a heavy trip. Last year I brought the small camera. This year, I am going whole hog.

  • Laptop
    • FW iSight
    • External HD (need the speed and storage)
  • Cannon S70
  • Nikon D1x
    • three fast (heavy) lenses
    • four batteries (the just don't last like they used to)
    • flash
    • tripod? (probably not)
  • tiny wireless router (useful in hotel if access is wired only)

On the down side, @cdash and I both just got vaccinated for:

  1. flu
  2. Hep A
  3. Hep B

My shoulders are a bit sore. I can't wait to get my tetanus booster on Thursday shortly after I get off the red eye home. China here we come.

Clothes are all packed, heading to the Caps season opener in a few hours and getting up to meet people at 0500 for breakfast at IHOP before the flight.

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