Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Note to Self: Manually pulling the bits out of a flar

Found this randomly. I had wanted to do this at one point but had an alternate solution at hand.


4. Split the flash image (flar split machineX.flar), then move the file "archive" to /export/zones/machineX/root/, and unpack it with cpio -i.

  • Uncompress if necessary (mv archive archive.Z; uncompress archive.Z)
  • cd to the machineX/root directory: cpio -i < /export/archive

5. Boot the machine with zoneadm -z machineZ boot and log in -- the devices will be built at that time. Sysid information is normally required at this point ...

Don't forget: send an invitation for coffee to D@vidSteed.com and I will accept!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Entry Titles in Permalink pages

Thanks to Alexis and Dave I have updated my template to use the title of the entry being viewed from a permalink.

 Using Roller 2.x: "Preferences" -> "Templates" -> "Weblog" Edit -> locate the <title> </title> tags and replace them with the following:

#if ($pageModel.getWeblogEntry())
   <title>#showWebsiteTitle(): $pageModel.getWeblogEntry().title</title>
   <title>#showWebsiteTitle(): #showWebsiteDescription()</title>

Friday, January 26, 2007

Ashburn Rangers Defeat The Maserati

Last Sunday we had a 23:15 game. The latest slot available. I got home about 1:30 as the game started on time.

We won 4-0 rather a suprise given the historical performance of the team.

Although we have been better this season. Last time we played them we won 12-1 but they didn't have an actual goalie.

As for boring and healthy. C- and I are on a diet (Jenny Craig...we are buying the food for now. It is amazing how small a reasonable portion of food is) We are both down ~7lbs in two weeks but that is expected to taper off. We will see, if we keep up the walking (~8mi), biking (a short 20mi) and Aerobic activity (Diva Fit or Ice Hockey) we may continue at a good pace.

As an unrelated note I tried posting this through the roller web interface with blazer on a treo 700p.

Not too bad but I have a feeling that it hurt my flow a bit. Well that and the part where I can't actually submit it.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Slacked off

I slacked off on my blogging after CEC. It was a busy time, then I got lazy, then holidays and a nice stomach bug.

However since CEC I have gotten a new laptop installed Parallels and Solaris 11 (OpenSolaris/Nevada) that makes for plenty of blog fodder.

In the relatively near future I should be blogging about:
  1. Solaris in Parallels
  2. More Solaris in General
  3. More with the Creating SMF services
    • Particularly my future plans to consolidate some of the services I created now that I have a better feeling for what I want
  4. Some of the cool things I have been espousing to our Tier I staff about screen
In other news the Washington Capitals won 3-2 in overtime against the Atlanta Thrashers!
As my wife would say "We won, We won, We won, We won" only it is singsong and happy.