Saturday, January 6, 2007

Slacked off

I slacked off on my blogging after CEC. It was a busy time, then I got lazy, then holidays and a nice stomach bug.

However since CEC I have gotten a new laptop installed Parallels and Solaris 11 (OpenSolaris/Nevada) that makes for plenty of blog fodder.

In the relatively near future I should be blogging about:
  1. Solaris in Parallels
  2. More Solaris in General
  3. More with the Creating SMF services
    • Particularly my future plans to consolidate some of the services I created now that I have a better feeling for what I want
  4. Some of the cool things I have been espousing to our Tier I staff about screen
In other news the Washington Capitals won 3-2 in overtime against the Atlanta Thrashers!
As my wife would say "We won, We won, We won, We won" only it is singsong and happy.

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