Sunday, September 19, 2010

Icing my foot and reading ultra running blogs

I spent the last few hours reading ultra running blogs starting with the race report for the Burning Man 50k with ice packs on my right foot.

I think it started last Saturday when I ran 23 miles. I was tired at the end but found myself running on and off with a big grin. Finished up, went grocery shopping with C- and home to clean up for Mike and Mindy's Reception. I wore my new Vivo Barefoot shoes they were comfortable but felt a little tight over the arch of my right foot.

Sunday I ran an easy 6mi felt a little tired from the run and late night, my foot hurt a little but not horribly. Monday I played hockey for only the second time in the season and my feet started to cramp a little at the end if the first period (I wear my skates a full size smaller than my shoes). Did an easy 7mi on Tuesday did goal pace mile repeats on Thursday.
Saturday I was supposed to run 18 with 8 or so at race pace instead I was exhausted and have taken the weekend off.

I thinking I will walk over to pick up some prescriptions and back just so I do something today. Hockey game at 9:15 I'm undecided. Should I rest what is probably tendonitits or should I play I want to run both races but if I go into Baltimore with a nagging injury doing well at MCM is probably off the table.

27 days to 10th Baltimore Marathon
41 days to 35th Marine Marathon

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