Monday, January 21, 2008

OLPC Pictures

I ordered/donated an OLPC XO-1 as part of the Give One Get One program
these are the pictures that ThinGuy scolded me for not posting a month ago.

OLPC shipping box OLPC Battery OLPC AC Charger OLPC XO-1 and Charger

OLPC not for use by Infants

OLPC Booting OLPC Booting OLPC Booting OLPC Booted

These pictures are from un-boxing the OLPC and booting it for the first time. I have enjoyed using it. The keyboard is a little small for adult hands (this is not a surprise or a criticism). The trans-reflective screen is impressively clear, the backlit screen is a little hard to read for small text (at least for me).

The packaging is sparse but solid, my favorite part of the whole delivery presentation is the warnings page, particularly "Not for use by Infants."

All in all I am glad I donated.

The whole gallery

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