Thursday, October 19, 2006

My Blogging Methods/Tools

I find that I have developed a method of sorts for posting.

  1. Think, hey I should blog about this
  2. Create a post in an editor
    1. Nvu
    3. ecto (although I have line break issues that I can't seem to workout)
    4. vi
  3. Re-read it to make sure I don't sound like a raving lunatic (unless that is the goal)
  4. Spell check (Firefox 2.0RC3 inline spell check is my favorite new capability)
  5. Publish Post
    1. u*blog for treo
      • works reasonably well
      • no HTML, I copy <br/> and paste it as needed to achieve readable flow
    1. Found a problem with
      • It appears to have issues with nested lists
      • unless you change back to numbers before you outdent
      • works reasonably well, has issues with time offset
      • writes fairly clean HTML, but posts it without line breaks
      • messing around with entry from multiple locations may break update(re-publish) capability
      • subsequent updates cause the offset problem again
    3. ecto
      • great publishing and management tool
      • has problems with time offset (or hard to determine setting that works correctly)
      • Not so hot on getting output to look as expected
        • Losing line breaks unexpectedly
        • RTF convert linebreaks does not appear to work as expected
    4. (roller)
      • Not fond of any of the built in editors
      • New inline editor is coming, (I followed a link and looked at it, not bad, but now can't find the link)
      • Time on post always as expected :)
      • With Firefox 2.0RC3 inline spellcheck fixes one of my biggest gripes
  6. Read post online to try and make sure I didn't miss anything stupid
  7. Update numerous times to bother people using RSS readers which show updates
  8. Wonder if anyone cares
  9. Manically bounce on the CMD-R to see if my page hit counter is increasing
  10. Check Google Analytics Frequently (even though updates are only once a day)
  11. Occasionally wonder how time of posting affects readership
    • Do you get more readers if you post right about break, lunch, after dinner time?
    • If you do time your posts does it help more with readers of the b.s.c homepage?
    • Do RSS readers increase your page views?
    • Should this post be held until morning so as not to be buried?
    • Maybe posted now and forward dated
    • Running out of things to put in the list
  12. Wonder how many people have read this far and think you are crazy

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