Friday, October 13, 2006

Random Bits, calls, SL, comics

All morning on calls, part of the afternoon as well

Came into the office to start updating my little laptop to snv_50 (from 18).
Spent a lot of time talking to people about work but not getting any noticeable work done.

Now off to meet my family for my mother's birthday.
One of those busy all day, not even sure why types.

Playing in SL last night while doing things about the house. I am trying to build
a jukebox. I have some basic structure and next will be sound before much more
effort in terms of appearence.

xkcd has entertaining comics, and T-shirts. xkcd - Turn Back - By Randall Munroe

For example this, available on a T-shirt, which I own.
Sudo Make Me A Sandwitch

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