Tuesday, October 3, 2006

CEC: 10/3 General Session

David: Storage

Sun Storage Positioning, only Sun and IBM have end to end storage solutions.

Interesting point: Tape is the most energy efficient long term storage method.

T10000 has something like 70 patents and uses RFID in the media...sweet

Rich Green: Software

We support more applications than any other platform, maybe not all of the ones that we yet want to support.

The future is selling solutions not just pieces of software.

Software can be the lead to hardware sales, or hardware can be the lead to software sales.

The Sun Developer Network has grown to some millions of members from some smaller number of members...

(I strive for absolute accuracy)

Sun UCE...(I hate that name) Unsolicited Commercial Enterprise == SPAM (Rich is not fond of it either)

We are not selling the Sun SPAM solution

Steve Wilson: UCE(Aduva demo)

Thankfully it appears that Steve has practiced his demo before and he has access to all the devices he needs to see to make it work.

Running a security patch analysis, and software rollback.

(Back to Rich)

Questions from the Audience:

Q: When will we have acroread for x64?

A: I'll talk to Johnny L.

Peter Weber and Ian White: Sun Services


So far, a "What is Managed Operations" type message, thankfully not actually the same content as "What is Managed Operations"

Sun Services is not just Sun Support

~1.5B$ of Sun Services revenue is not Support Services

We have a vision, mission and strategy that I should know without needing the slide to still be up, but it appears that I don't.

Gave the example of TWIi and The Open, with a monitoring management and delivery solution designed with Sun Services (Managed Operations/SevenSpace). (Or the British Open for us Americans)

The TWIi website is the third busiest sports web site in the world for four days.

I sent a message to the SMS number asking Peter is he will be back in VA on Thursday to go for our weekly bike ride.

As usual it probably won't make it to the screen...unless I have amused the people who are filtering the input.


Mission: Deliver customer satisfaction profitably through the architecture, implementation and management of IT infrastructure.

Strategy: Deliver services innovation (and some stuff)

Managed Operations: can support more systems at a lower cost with higher value.

Or to quote myself: Managed Operations drives operational efficiency through process automation and economy of scale.

(Which would have been really cool if he had just quoted me, but not shocking that he didn't)

We are pushing a re-inventment in workforce development (Bigger Training Budget?)

Next Goal: CFI 3.0

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