Thursday, October 12, 2006

Air passengers 'could be tagged'

Not quite security theater, maybe not at all, but I can't say that the idea of tagging everyone in
an airport with RFID chips appeals to me at all. (Or really that the idea of tagging everyone with RFID chips anywhere appeals to me)
Dr Paul Brennan, an electrical engineer, is leading the tagging project, known as Optag.
He said: "The basic idea is that airports could be fitted with a network of combined panoramic cameras and RFID (radio frequency ID) tag readers, which would monitor the movements of people around the various terminal buildings."

A noted issue that has to be addressed is "ensuring the tags cannot be switched between passengers or removed without notification",
we may have the answer to that problem already in hand.  Someone should purchase stock in ear piercing parlors.

Application of an Ear Tag

Age and Source Verification Necessary For Public Safety, Consumer Confidence

The future of the security is headed toward global identification and source verification of origin of all types of Personnel and usage of electronic identification systems to help with disease tracking and to improve public safety. Our rfid ear tags are International Standards Organization(ISO) compliant and we offer Full Duplex(FDX) and Half Duplex(HDX) transponders as well as high temperature RFID tags. The Company is in the process of becoming an authorized tag reseller to help  surveillance organizations integrate electronic identification with the National Security Identification System and Management System. The NSIS will oversee the implementation of a National EID system for many types of animals including Personnel, beef and dairy cattle, swine, sheep, goats, elk, alpacas and llamas.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Air passengers 'could be tagged'
Electronically tagging passengers at airports could help the fight against terrorism, scientists have said. Has no connection to the parody content of this page and does not endorse it in any way.
However if you have need of livestock tagging equipment and such I am sure they would be glad to help you

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