Wednesday, October 4, 2006

CEC: Storage: Hot Technology Cool Products

A discussion of Honeycomb and Thumper

It's all about the DATA.

Can't do anything without data.

Building on standardized components .

Data management

ID, Virtualize, Secure, Integrate


ID -- Build Trust

Virtualize -- Mask Complexity, Drive up Utilization and Performance

Sun has end to end virtulization available

Secure -- Security breach...tape lost, laptop stolen

Security everywhere...really T10000

Automatic encryption

Integrate -- Too many choices, Lack of Standards, Complex Interdependencies

We provide customer ready systems --- pre-built, racked, cabled, integrated and shipped


Enterprise-Class NAS

Standard components and software...integrated!


Long term storage repositories(years)

Not OLTP, ERP or live database

Scales Billions of Objects

Standard components and software...integrated!

Storage API

Programable storage


Horizontal scaling

Reliability through self healing

large scale repository applications

Deferred service model (fail in Sun Grid, schedule work when convenient)

Expect to deploy multi-petabyte systems

RAIN -- Redundant Array of Inexpensive Nodes



High performance 4 way server, 16GB ram

Is it a server or storage?...both it depends...if you install an application it is a server.

ZFS and all related capabilities

HPC, D2D2T, Infiniband Server, iSCSI Target, SAM-FS, NFS/CIFS

information available online

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