Tuesday, October 3, 2006

CEC: 10/3 General Session 2

Andy B: On new HPC, Galaxy and such

Galaxy 2, Andromeda...lots of stuff I can't talk abou because
I am not sure which bits are public...however cool, massive performance
enhancements with technology updates.

In short thought, higher density, smaller form factor. We
should see be seeing more cool new things inside the next year or so.

(This is probably a forward looking statement. There is some big legal
statement about that, so I wouldn't buy any stock based on my
particular interpretation of what I am hearing)

TiTECH Facts: From hardware delivery to benchmark 30 days #7
on the top 500.

New NSF Grid has a basic overview that looks similar to the
Sun Grid design (in a very high level block diagram slide kind of way)


A: In the end that may be a mistake.

SMS comment: Andy B speaks without any latency. When will he
take a breath? What clock speed is he on? He should look at decaf!

Big laughs and clapping all around.

Dan and guy I don't know on sight...no intro slide(I bet you I
should know who he is): Future

Guy I don't Know:

Next -- SOA, Grid, Dynamic Inf., Web 2.0

Why --

Smaller interfaces, cellphones, set tops, etc.

Examples --

Grey Album -> EMI supression -> EMI notices success
-> Hires DJ Dangermounse -> Wins Producer of the Year for
Gorillaz' Demon Days

What --

Sell solutions

My Interpretation:

New flexible business models, we don't know what the next new
big organic growth thing will be.

Flexibility to adapt to provide for the next thing without knowing what
it is now.

(His name is Jim...but only becuase Dan said "Thanks Jim")

Dan: Internal Resources

People have been saying that we don't know what all of the
available communities are to let people help themselves.

Dan went into a bit on Customer Engineering Programs

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