Monday, October 9, 2006

CEC: In Review

CEC2006: Too much content not enough time

Next Year:

  • href="">Kyocera

    • It seems that the state of high density WiFi may be
      slightly less than carrier grade, at least for temporary third party

  • The good camera

    • Not that the Cannon Point and Shoot is bad, just that I
      found myself wanting the more easily adjustable manual settings of the

  • The Managed Operations CEC blog/multi media Tiger Team
    (MOCECBMMTT? OK I made that up)


  • It was interesting, and hey I apparently won $200 for the
    useful sms messages. I have yet to be contacted about my prize, maybe I
    should check my VM.

    • Other winners were for such things as the most
      entertaining SMS

    • Large (Ultra 20 and 24" monitors) prizes for best blog
      and such

      • Not that I am bitter but I would rather have the Ultra
        20 than the $200

  • Much bemoaned by me, connectivity was a major issue

    • Although apparently it might have been problems with my
      almost as much as anything else, at least when the people sitting next
      to me were able to get access while I was not.

  • Someone suggested brining the backend out to the front.

    • I think that would have been great, as Dan
      indicated...this is a technical conference after all

    • We should expose the technical aspects


  • LISA (USENIX) like content tracks 

    • Refereed papers: A collection of 3 or so papers in a
      similar vein for an hour each

    • Longer Presentation Slots (3 hours or so)

    • WIPs: Short topics presentation overviews, here is what
      we are doing

  • More accessable BOFs

    • Tables at lunch was a good idea

    • real BOF session availability would have been appreciated

    • Too busy trying to get food and eat too really spend time
      finding all the groups

  • Possibly longer, too much interesting information for the
    available time

    • Maybe it is just me, I would have attended maybe 75% of
      the presentations given time

  • A better scheduler

    • 355 possible sessions (including duplicates)

      • Presented in a list (depending on search criteria)

    • Pick by topic/presentation (Content Catalog) would have
      been more useful

      • Then given the list of desired presentations work on
        resolving conflicting selections

      • Allow alternate selections to be maintained, I didn't
        attend all of the presentations I selected

    • A capability to display only otherwise un-selected
      presentations for open time slots would also have been very useful

  • A better view into content

    • This would prefereably be the content catalog mentioned

    • I ignored presentations because I didn't know what they
      were really about

    • It turns out that I would have liked to attend more and
      might have attended differently given better information

      • Although see above: not enough time...

CEC Posts in Review:

I was going to collect
links to categories and such or individual bloggers/entries...too much
work so instead


We have an internal survey on this year's CEC, I should go do that. If
there is one thing I am generally not lacking, it is opinions.

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