Monday, October 2, 2006

CEC: General Session

Ian White: Sales gets 7 words, as it is easier to remember. Went over well in a geek oriented conference.
Message: Customer Engineering translates Sun IP to Customer Solutions.

Enis Konuck(sp missed it)
Professional services, automatic provisioning and deployment over the network will be cool
(definitely paraphrased)
Incredibly high quality, smooth, seemless, painless as possible customer service is key.
Specifically mentioned Managed Operations.

Eula Adams:
Storage(Tek) is part of Sun
We have moved to the neighborhood. Hopefully not the neighbor with the obnoxious dog who never mows his lawn.
come say hello

Carv Moore:
You Owe Us(Not really what he said), everything needs software.
Solaris Adoption rocks, and is still running strong.

Se Chang Oh:
Forgot his wedding anniversary because he was busy thinking about CEC.
His wife also forgot...until she got an SMS from her credit card company congratulating her on the anniversary.
Infrastructure as a service!
Technology to customer needs, not needs from technology.
Which doesn't mean don't sell people need to know what we can do.
Dominate, Educate, Communicate

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