Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Blackbox, a couple of pictures and random thoughts

The Blackbox concept is cool, as has been said, I would love to have one at home :)
Although the power bill, even at the reduced consumption from T2000s would be a bit much for my home power budget.
So really, if anyone would like to send me a T2000 and some storage, maybe a 5320 and an x4200

Members of the Grid Engineering Team have been working on this project for a while.
Internally we have had a couple of discussions about how to work Managed Operations into the deployment automatically (everything comes with services now). So what I want now is to get my hands on one operationally.

So the following picture I am posting, not because it was the most technically interesting one that I saw
there were plenty of other technically interesting photos, I liked the lines and the partial reflection of the photographer.

Black Box Interior Cables

This picture I am posting because...well, seriously.  It seems to me that we may be pushing this example just a little.

Blackbox Mars Rover
So can someone tell me who will be hooking up the water?

Here because I figure people might want to see an actual Blackbox

 BlackBox External

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