Tuesday, April 19, 2005

New Battery -- Excelent Life!

For the first time in about 6-9 months my laptop has warned me about
running on reserve power! Before I replaced the battery at almost exactly
1 hour of predicted life my laptop would sleep. Now I have had about 2.75
hours of wireless operations streaming audio running at highest
performnace and constant 'find /'s to burn power. I expect my laptop to
sleep any second now, with an estimated 4 minutes of power left, but the
estimated time appears to be dropping about 1 min for every 90s or so of
operation. It's like christmas, and I have a new toy. Now I am running at
%0 power and no estimate of time just "Calculating". Damn, and there goes
the recycling collection and I didn't take it out. Saving quite often now
just in case I shutdown instead of sleep. Went to sleep at just over 3
hours, I am happy.

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