Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Chicken and Egg? Solaris Firewall Install

Days old entry that never got out.... I am upgrading my firewall to
Solaris 10. However the following problems exist... 1) My firewall is my
gateway 2) My firewall/gateway does not support pxe boot 3) My
firewall/gateway does not support console at boot (Anybody want to send a
V20z my way? I understand that the employee discount is good, but not so
good that I can just pick one up) 4) My Jumpstart + DHCP server want's to
use my firewall as it's gateway 5) I am way to lazy to reconfigure so that
it will all just work 4) Keeping the natives happy involves maintaining
Internet access throughout this process. 6) I can't boot disk one from my
SCSI DVD-ROM so I have to use the slower internal CD-ROM. Now the only
problem is that I misremembered the type of network cards that I had in
the system and I have no net from the box. Then after I grabbed the one
that I thought it was, because I didn't have a pen handy to write down the
vendor information from a prtconf -pv, it turns out that I have Netgear
FA310 not FA311, ah well fortunately bulk CDs are cheep. Tonight I will
find out if the tu driver from
works for me. After the
fact: Tonight was a little optomistic maybe by next week.

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