Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Automated Jumpstart Finally!

After cleaning up some out of date macros, interpreting some errors from
JET that were actually from add_install_client and creating a new macro
specifically for the host, things appear to be going well. It is still
confusing to me that the initial boot image appears to be Solaris Express
build 72. It makes me wonder if I didn't clean something up, or if I am
otherwise confused about the state of my jumpstart server. Once this is
done I will make the tiny little laptop into a jumpstart sever, at some
point I need to rebuild my firewall/gateway to Solaris as well. I will
also be able to play with live update without worrying about destroying my
production boxes, and without having to worry about trying to get them
back up if I do something strange. It's a shame that it is late and I am
tired, it would be interesting to see if I can figure out why my root disk
is blocking so much when the jumpstart root, boot and packages are all in
a JBOD. This sounds like a job for Dtrace! I need to see about some more

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