Monday, April 25, 2005

Fabulous Dinner

Just had a fabulous dinner. C-, went shopping today and bought, bratwurst,
asparagus and pineapple. (and a whole pile of other stuff as well) For
dinner we had grilled brats and asparagus, then for dessert we had grilled
pineapple (Do you see the trend). Nothing special about the bratwurst just
slow cooking. The asparagus was lightly brushed with olive oil and lightly
dusted with salt and pepper (to taste). The pineapple was prepared with
orange juice(didn't have any lemons), honey and pepper, then grilled on
medium heat until hot. It was all quite good, the asparagus should have
gone on a little later as it ended up a little over done. The pineapple
although good by itself went quite well with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
The only down side is that I just showed C- the animation from my
Hitachi Perpendicular Recording now she is dancing and sort of humming (She
feels that she is currently dancing like a cross between

Bill Cosby (in the later seasons) and

Napoleon Dynamite

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