Friday, April 8, 2005

Interesting Zone UID behavior

I am playing with zones and instead of maintaining a centralized UID list,
I am adding users as needed to each zone(As I suspect would be the normal
behavior). Not surprisingly there are differences in UIDs. As a note it is
strongly recommended that you never directly access files in other zones
from the global zone.

sort -t: -k3 -n /etc/passwd /stripe/zones/apache01/root/etc/passwd /stripe/zones/apache02/root/etc/passwd | uniq -c

3 root:x:0:0:Super-User:/:/sbin/sh
3 daemon:x:1:1::/:
3 bin:x:2:2::/usr/bin:
3 sys:x:3:3::/:
3 adm:x:4:4:Admin:/var/adm:
3 uucp:x:5:5:uucp Admin:/usr/lib/uucp:
3 nuucp:x:9:9:uucp Admin:/var/spool/uucppublic:/usr/lib/uucp/uucico
3 smmsp:x:25:25:SendMail Message Submission Program:/:
3 listen:x:37:4:Network Admin:/usr/net/nls: 3 gdm:x:50:50:GDM Reserved UID:/:
3 lp:x:71:8:Line Printer Admin:/usr/spool/lp:
3 webservd:x:80:80:WebServer Reserved UID:/:
1 apache2:x:100:1::/zone/local/apache2:/bin/sh
1 yak:x:100:1::/export/home/yak:/bin/zsh
1 srs:x:101:1::/export/home/srs:/bin/sh
2 mysql:x:101:1::/zone/local/mysql:/bin/sh
1 mysql:x:102:1::/home/mysql:/bin/sh
1 yak:x:102:1::/home/yak:/bin/sh
1 torrus:x:102:1::/zone/local/etc/torrus:/bin/sh
1 yak:x:103:1::/home/yak:/bin/sh
1 torrus:x:103:1::/home/torrus:/bin/sh
3 nobody:x:60001:60001:NFS Anonymous Access User:/:
3 noaccess:x:60002:60002:No Access User:/:
3 nobody4:x:65534:65534:SunOS 4.x NFS Anonymous Access User:/:

As you can see above, starting in the 100s we have conflicting uid
assignments. The result is some confusing ps and prstat output in the
global zone which indicated in my case that mysql was running the torrus
collector process.

    ZONE     UID   PID  PPID   C    STIME TTY         TIME CMD
apache01 mysql 29869 1 0 09:48:57 ? 0:10 /usr/local/bin/perl /zone/local/torrus/bin/collector --tree=yakshaving

Total: 138 processes, 447 lwps, load averages: 0.48, 0.47, 0.41
11642 daemon 2096K 616K sleep 60 -20 0:05:16 13% nfsd/4
29869 mysql 16M 8404K sleep 59 0 0:00:10 2.0% collector/1
160 root 4404K 4200K cpu0 59 0 0:00:00 0.4% prstat/1

Knowing that mysql was not running the collector made this simple to
diagnose, but in a less controlled environment I think it could be quite a
bit more confusing.

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