Friday, April 1, 2005

First Ride of the Year

Went for my first bike ride this year. I came home a little early (or for
a very late lunch) and actually stopped working before it was dark out. At
about 5:45 I finally got out of my chair and located all of my bike stuff.
Fortunately I had a couple of jerseys hung in my closet and shorts in a
box in the bedroom. The helmets were sitting on the kitchen table and my
bike shoes, and a patch kit were in a box in the garage cleverly labeled
"bike stuff + junk", I grabbed a small pump from my camel back and my
water bottle and off I went. Ended riding just over 10 miles @ 12.89mph
max 25 The first five miles as usual were the worst, I rode a mile in a
partial loop around the neighborhood then headed over to the office. Total
distance for the first leg was 5.18 miles, It sucked. I started off
strong, a bit too strong for not having done any real cardiovascular type
activity in months. ~15mph for the first .25 and then ave ~18-20 for the
next .5 or so At the end of the first mile instead of heading back into
the neighborhood I struck out for the office at a moderate middle distance
pace. 4 miles later at the back door of the office I had forgotten my key
card, since I hadn't finished my water I rested for a minute and headed
back. The trip back was much better, the warmup on the way out and better
pace control left me at home feeling quite good. Next time I need to grab
a light if I am leaving so late. That ~4mile commute is really going to
kill me.

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