Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Closely Shorn...RRDtool 1.2rc4 and Torrus

1.2rc4 installed... Lack of font in display fixed, check recompile after
compiling in non-global zon, done (Ah! that is why I didn’t have
/usr/ccs/bin in my path) drive bogus load to servers, running I have a
make clean, sh config.status, nice -n 5 make loop running for 1.2rc4 to
drive artificial load on the server, as well as a bunch of windows open
pulling down pages from torrus every five minutes. I also have a find loop
running on the little Solaris 10 laptop. Now I need to get around to
rebuilding both the laptop and my firewall to at least GA...or maybe I
will look into Nevada for one. Maybe tomorrow/today I will publish the
link to the my Torrus install to let people poke around. I should check
and see if the http collector works for apache2 first and update it it
doesn't. More yaks to shave.

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