Thursday, March 17, 2005

Thoughts on Solaris 10 Beta Exam Part 1

So day one is done. Overall I feel good about the test, some interesting
things. I took the initial survey 4 times, after the third I was sure I
wasn't doing something wrong. (After the PC was rebooted I got to do it
once more and continue on) Although I considered answering the survey with
different answers each time, I decided that it would probably be a
mistake. I haven't actually used ufsdump/restore in a long time... a quick
check shows that I got at least one question wrong* Printing wasn't as bad
as I was expecting. I haven't done much with printing in a while but I am
reasonably confident that I didn't mess it up too badly. I don't like
questions similar to "what is the proper order for these items:"
a,d,g,f,b,h d,h,f,g,e,c b,c,s,d,e,f e,d,s,x,c,v I much prefer the

First      a
Second b
Third c
Fourth d
Fifth e
Sixth f
g (So even using pre, my contiguous white
h space gets eaten if it is ^ +)

Not all items must be used Maybe it is just me, but I strongly prefer "put
in order" to which of these is correct. Particularly when the list is
long. The lists were long. The wording of the questions was actually quite
good, with very few questions that I had to read a few times to try and
understand. Only a few questions that I think were not answerable given
the wording and the possibilities. (One of which I just tested and I am
sure that the correct answer wasn't presented) A couple of questions that
I believe had more than one valid answer presented in a pick one scenario.
My favorite error... (Select two choices)
Select three choices Which one to choose, the one that is probably correct, or
do you take a third could be correct sorta selection. I went with three,
assuming that you are using mechanical grading it is probably better to
fulfill the programmed expectations. After all of that and making sure I
had a somewhat reasonable grasp on EFI and how to deal with multi-terabyte
filesystems, not a single newfs question -T or not. Tomorrow Part II, time
for more studying. *probably a few more than one really :)

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