Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Extensive Cross Linking Problems

So I just ran into an initially non-obvious problem. Given: foohost1
/usr/local/foo -> /realfoo bar: /usr/local/foo -> /realfoo Where the
contents of /realfoo are superficially identical on bar mount: foohost1:/
/tmp/foohost1 foohost1:/realfoo /tmp/foohost1/realfoo So knowing about the
links everything is clear, but if you are not thinking about them or are
unaware that they exist you get confusion. The problem: /tmp/foohost1 ==
foohost1:/ /tmp/foohost1/realfoo/one/two == foohost1:/realfoo/one/two
/tmp/foohost1/usr/local/foo/one/two == bar:/realfoo/one/two so if you were
to rsync /tmp/foohost1/realfoo/one/two AND
/tmp/foohost1/usr/local/foo/one/two In reality you are smashing the two
trees together the result in this case being strange application behavior

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