Sunday, March 20, 2005

Moving House

We moved almost three weeks ago. On Monday, a gentleman from the company
who we previously had power wash our deck called. We had reported to the
company that the last job was horrible, the work we were billed for did
not appear to have been performed. He wanted to come out, take a look and
try to remedy the situation. Good news...The deck looks fabulous. The deck
is clean, some of the stains didn't come up, but what do you expect from a
15-20yr old deck. The siding on the house that had old stain on it is
clean (something we were billed for but did not receive the first time).
The only remaining step is re-staining the deck (Also contracted, but we
understand that they wanted to wait for it to dry). Today we got most of
the last of the stuff from the old house staged into the living room,
loaded up the car, removed the old decrepit carpet and pad from the
basement and threw away a bunch of junk. We also talked to some of our old
neighbors, one of them does a carpool to meet HOV restrictions and such.
One of the people she gave a ride to last week is looking to buy a
townhouse in the price range we are looking to sell. We have a contact
number, it might be possible for us to get the house sold even sooner than
we hoped. Tonight in the new house, while looking for some curtain rod
hangers C- found the key chain that had the keys for the locks that I cut
off three of the storage units. There was a theory that stated that they
may have fallen in a box that was packed into one of the storage units,
based on the box that they were in that was not the case. I am vindicated
in my belief that they had not been locked inside. Tonight we also finally
got the mirror hung in the bedroom. I really like it, but it was a pain.
It is fairly heavy and one of the screws went into a stud...unfortunately
it was not a self drilling wood screw which made for hard going. The
hollow wall anchor for the other side was quite simple, easy and
effective. We also priced blinds for our bedroom. The golf course behind
our house put in a new cart path...It appears to have opened this
weekend...I am not overly body shy, but I don't need to wave to golfers in
the morning. Now to finish cleaning up the garage so we can put both cars
in it, finish fixing the legs on the old dining room table before we have
people over for dinner on Easter Sunday, probably finish unpacking and
arranging as much stuff as possible before that as well. Off to bed, I
brought some cable management stuff from the old house today but I am
exhausted and not in the mood to recable the rack tonight.

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