Tuesday, March 8, 2005

DCE followup/Primary Source Joke

My primary source joke made me curious. Fortunately the
Oxford Reference Online
backs me up, even in spanish.

3. DCE Abbrev. for
data communication equipment. The side of an interface that represents
the provider of a data communication in a standard such as RS232C or X25.
DCEs are usually analog or digital modems or network interface units.
Compare DTE . (From A Dictionary of Computing in Computing)

4. DCE
Computing data-communications equipment (From The Oxford Dictionary of
Abbreviations in English Language Reference)

5. DCE abbr ( data
communications equipment ) equipo de comunicación de datos m (From The
Oxford Business Spanish Dictionary (English-Spanish) in Bilingual
Dictionaries) The search for the other term returns no results.


I will
enjoy arguing about this in class tomorrow night.

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