Friday, March 11, 2005

Local Number Portability

I have been a little busy and neglecting my personal mail. In checking
just now, I see that I have a notification from
that I have a voicemail. I will take that as an indicator that my
number transfer to Vonage has gone through. The stated minimum time for
the transfer was 20 business days, it appears to have gone through on the
10th. Figuring that getting the request sent late Friday doesn't really
count as a day, it took 22-23 business days. Part of the HOA fees at the
new house are for local phone service. Time to setup Asterisk or something
to route calls between Vonage (basically everything) and the land line
(911). I understand that Vonage has a basic 911 tie in, but why not use a
land line with full integration.

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