Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Things to Blog About

I keep coming up with things I want to blog about when I don't have
time... Then when I have time I don't have the energy or I look back and
say well that was hours/days/weeks ago and is no longer relevant. Maybe I
will do something about that. Possible future topic include: * Our New
house * Solaris 10 in my basement * Security Systems * Vonage/VOIP *
Internal Call routing, 911 and Vonage * Photography * Our Old House (For
Sale, almost) * Hosting dinner for 14, weeks after moving * Why an airport
express is cool, particularly with in ceiling speakers * Silt fences and
the river in my back yard * rebuilding my firewall to Solaris 10 I like
IPF and Solaris, I think I will like them together * Setting up my little
sony to be a jumpstart server * del.icio.us, can I get a feed from my
del.icio.us account in this blog?

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