Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Solaris 10 Beta Exam Part 1

In about 1:30 I will sit down to take the Solaris 10 Beta Exam Part 1 I also participated in the Sage Certification
Beta Process as well. (Since I passed I am cSAGE certified) This sounds a lot
like the Sage beta process. The testing time is 4:15, I expect to be hit
with all of the possible candidate questions for the production exam. With
none of the immediate feedback. For all of my efforts playing with Solaris
10 at home, I wonder how well it will go. I haven't had nearly the time to
play with everything that I have wanted to play with. So now having had a
half hour or so to review the options for smf related commands one last
time I am off.

Edit: 10/12/2006, noticed some obnoxious content errors that I don't think used to exist, and applied the line breaks plugin

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