Thursday, March 17, 2005

Studying for Beta 2

Had a nice evening of relaxation.


A co-worker's last day is
today. He is not going to be in for the full day and will
not be available tomorrow tonight for a going away type
event. So a group of people were going to go to the local Irish
place...Except for the big line and the cover charge. Who knew, St.
Patrick's Day and all.


So the celebration moved down the street and then
back to our new house. Now I have spent a bit more time relaxing and
hanging out than I would have liked, and I am sure the low key partying
will not be helping my test score.


So tonight now a quick
review of RBAC, zones, PXE booting, disk suite and name services. In
roughly that order. I think RBAC appeared in Solaris 8, I remember playing
with it. I also remember being excited by the possibilities but
disappointed with the execution.

As I recall the instructions were
basically "Only change this with the SMC GUI". Now I see from the
objectives, that the RBAC using CLI utilities is part of what should be
covered. I have done Zones and PXE booting at home, so I think I am doing
OK there. I am reasonably comfortable with disksuite and name services.


Unfortunately all of the afternoon and evening got eaten up by real work
and later revelry, so the feeble attempt at studying before bed failed

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