Thursday, March 17, 2005

Off to Solaris Beta Exam Round 2

I talked briefly about the
Solaris 10 Beta Exams
Beta Exam Part 1
Thoughts on Beta Exam Part 1
. Now I am off for part two. Yesterday a
co-worker and I both took part one at the same time, we talked about it a
last night
and we both feel that we probably did reasonably well. He was
going to sign up to take part two today as well, but the schedule was
already full (I think he just wants some feedback to know if he should
focus on any specific technology areas for his test next week :) ). I
don't feel nearly as well prepared for this part. Nothing is really new to
me, but it is technology that I have used more at home than in a day to
day work environment. I will keep everyone informed as to how many surveys
I take this time, and if in the end if I could have used more than four
hours to complete the test.

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