Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Vonage or something else?

As part of the customer go live on the 30th I was on a long con call.

Twice during the call I got the receiver off-hook tone. At first I was
thinking that it might be interference between the cordless and my
wavelan. Since I was hardwired that was right out.

So I had two calls, that terminated at exactly 4 hours (4:00:00) into
the calls. A Vonage limitation? Some sort of counter overrun?

Since I don't see anything after a quick search about 4 hour call limits
for Vonage calls...

I assume, maybe I am wrong that other people have phone calls for more
than 4 hours. I assume that it is not the VT1005V, since it is
reasonable that some number of people who have calls longer than four
hours have the same device.

What most of those people probably don't have is an ipfilter firewall.

Could it be an aspect of keep state? Maybe I need to upgrade to
unlimited calling...since I have unlimited calling on my cell phone I
think I have the perfect test setup!

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