Friday, May 13, 2005

Solaris DHCP and Replay TV

I have a ReplayTV, I have had it for a couple of years. Until now I
haven't had any problems to speak of. I recently installed Solaris 10 on
my firewall. As part of that process, I moved DHCP to a different Solaris
10 server in my network. The ReplayTV (named Bob), sends dhcp requests
asking for addresses with the host name "RTV Bob". 42856e77: Datagram
received on network device: rtls0(limited broadcast) 42856e77:
select_offer: hostname request for RTV Bob 42856e77: name_avail(F):
gethostbyname_r failed, err 2 42856e77: select_offer: name_avail false or
no address for RTV Bob This is a problem. So now I have manually assigned
it an address, but it appears hung. I think it might be running an update,
but I can't be sure. I am tempted to powercycle it, but instead I think I
will go to bed. It might get kicked in the morning. On another note, the
email support link specifically says "Not for technical problems"...WTF I
guess it would be silly to send them mail about hostnames with spaces
then. Or not, it just started responding right before I was about to
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