Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Solaris 10 ipfilter ipnat and PPTP

I have been having a problem setting up PPTP tunnels since I upgraded my
firewall to Solaris 10 (nv_12).
Some basic tests clearly
indicated that the problem was with my configuration.

  1. My BSD firewall with ipfilter worked

  2. My laptop direct worked

As part of the migration I copied the ipf.conf and ipnat.conf files that I
had been using.
Once the firewall was up on Solaris 10, I
installed the files and changed the interface names to match.

After installing the rules, I had to edit pfil.ap and add a new
interface type. svcadm start ipfilter and everything started
working...almost. All of my web browsing, inbound/outbound mail, inbound
http and ssh worked. The only thing that I couldn't do was create a PPTP

I have been poking the config for a few weeks never making the time to
sit down and really think about the problem. Last night I took some time
to start at the beginning and see if I could work it out.

After reading through the Section 4 of the ipf and ipnat man pages a few
more times to make sure I wasn't doing anything obviously wrong. I
practiced my googlescholar skills and looked at a bunch of mailing-list
posts, the pptp rfc and piles of other stuff. The trigger was seeing a
post indicating that all GRE traffic needed to be redirected to the PPTP

Kicking off a number of snoops an ipmon and finally (and I don't know
why I didn't do this a while ago) I ran a tcpdump for proto gre on my

  • From the external snoop I was able to see the inbound and outbound

  • From the ipmon I was able to see the inbound and outbound traffic

  • From my laptop, I could only see the outbound gre

The "fix" is to specifically route all gre traffic to the address of my

I need to see if I can do it without the hard coding of the IP addresses
that part is lame.  

The rules that make everything work are:

:::::::: ipf.conf ::::::::
pass out quick on extint proto tcp from any to any port = 1723 flags S keep state
pass out quick on exitint proto 47 from any to any
pass in quick on extint proto 47 from any to any keep state

:::::::: ipnat.conf ::::::::
rdr extint PPTPserverip/32 port 0 -> laptopip port 0 gre

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