Monday, May 2, 2005

Solaris 10 Beta Exam Part 1 - Passed

From the ~180 questions the end result was a field of 58. I Passed! I am
curious to know how I did on the full spread. Things that could have gone
better: Printing (So not a surprise) Software Installs File systems High
points: Security Booting and Shutting Down Backups and Restores It is a
shame that you don't get immediate feedback on Beta exams, I might have
better remembered the things that I thought were problematic aside from
the general printing kicked my butt. Part 2 will be the real question, it
was much more Solaris 10 specific, or rather there are a lot of things
that had different ways of being done before Solaris 10. It is however
suggested that Sun Edu. Services would be more than willing to help me out
on the weaker aspects.

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