Thursday, November 1, 2007

OpenSolaris/Indiana first thoughts

(See Update 1 for how to get functional networking in Indiana under Parallels)

As ThinGuy just mentioned on twitter, no registration or login to download the image. Woot!

I am running the installer iso on top of Parallels on Mac OS X 10.5 (leopard)

  • Boot speed is fabulous
  • Installer is straight forward
    • so few steps it seems like I must be forgetting something
  • Base install is FAST

On the down side:

  • I can't seem to get an external network interface to plumb, but Parallels seems a bit flaky on Leopard
  • single disk contention is the long pole install is not as fast as it could be, should have burned a CD

So now as long as I can get a network interface working one way or another I am set. Fingers crossed. I have already nuked my other local install so I had space to play. I would rather not have to recover it.

Update 1:

Networking: It helps if you remember to install the Parallels provided network interface driver.

See the comment about so few steps I must be forgetting something (like installing the driver)

Parallels: Installing the Beta got rid of some VM related network error messages and appears to have fixed shared networking (my default for my simple test instance).

I guess I could have provided a link:

Issues with the base slim install No /usr/ccs/bin/make (or any make as far as I can tell in the default install). To install the required driver the following manual steps are required.

  • untar the ni*.tgz into /tmp
  • in the /tmp/ni*/i386 directory
    • cp ni dp8390 to /kernel/drv
    • cd ..
      (or you can change /etc/path_to_inst yourself)
    • modload /kernel/drv/ni
  • Assuming you are using dhcp wait a moment and get the popup telling you that you have an address.

Appendix C: is way out of date although it would have reminded me to install the network driver.

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