Thursday, February 1, 2007

Sun Blade 8000 Chassis and Servers are Cool

I have been listening to/watching the Sun internal Blade Summit. (Really a couple of days ago, but I never got around to posting this)

Interesting notes on hardware in general. The things that struck me the most about the general hardware discussion was the power cost of FB-DIMMS. The expectation is that with the high power consumption of FB-DIMMS that the memory will use more, even significantly more power than the CPUs. We have more IO and higher CPU density. That even with the memory power consumption and our higher slot density we still come in at lower power consumption rates. Everything is fully hot swap and hot plug.

Of course there are an incredible number of other cool things that are available now and that will be available soon. Unfortunately as I am attending this because I am interested and I have customers that may be deploying full chassis in relatively large numbers. I can't quite justify not doing everything else I needed to do today. 

Had I been paying more attention to the whole thing I would have a better feel about which of the really cool things I can freely talk about.

Mean Time Service Interruption (MTSI) is reduced, fewer components == fewer failures. Fewer higher reliability fans and power supplies etc.

The concerns aren't really any different. Cooling capacity, Floor Space, Power.  High density in blades helps address floor space. Cooling and Power are the new black.
Peter Snelling, just gave a very interesting and compelling talk about the limitations caused by power draw and as a result cooling capacity.

I had to drop off again, but not before one of the parts I had been waiting for. The management aspects and how the Chassis and Blade management would interact. Not much of a surprise, now I just want to get my hands on a few and play.  

 Sun Blade 8000

The Uptime Institute 

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