Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Another 5 things post

Jon has tagged me, so here we go with 5 things most people don't know about me

1. I have in the past ridden long distances on my bike (and should again in the future).
Almost unimaginably long for some and not really that far at all for others, 100 miles on back to back days, more than long enough for me.
As part of a couple of  330 mile bike rides to raise money for local charities including the Whitman-Walker Clinic and Food & Friends.

2. A three legged cat lives in the cabinet under my bathroom sink.
No really, she choses to live there. She comes out to say hello and try to convince me to turn the tap on low so she can drink from it. Then when she is done she hops back down noses open the door and back in she goes.

3. I have recently started a diet.
Where diet is fairly accurately defined as eating reasonable portions of food and getting more exercise (See 1). In the past four weeks I have lost ~12lbs, I rather expect that rate to drop off, 31lbs and (hopefully) a year or less to go. For those following along at home that is Start: 238 Goal: 195

4. I eat and breath fire.

I started eating fire ~7-8 years ago. At a previous job I had the title "Cheif Fire Eater" and business cards to prove it. I have performed for a party during Pennsic in front of more than a thousand people. A fair number of people's first real memory of me is a younger man with really dark purple hair playing with fire. I have taught my wife and youngest sister (much to my parents chagrin) to eat fire. Edit: My Wife read this and said it sounded like I was saying that I had taught my wife ... who is also my youngest sister. This would not be the case.

5. There are myriad other things, I just can't think of one.

I really had all of this done except for 5 last week then I couldn't decide what the last thing should be. The I started Yakshaving for other things like interesting pictures of the things I have listed. Now I have lost 16lbs. Maybe there will be pictures later.

Five bloggers to tag: I'm late in the game and it would take me a few more weeks to pick five. Possibly I will get to that too.

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