Sunday, September 24, 2006

Goings-On WO: 9/17/06

Last week was quite busy, and at the moment I am not even sure why.

I can look back and figure it out but off hand, I just don't know.

Two weeks ago I deployed OpenGrok for on the Managed Operations CVS/SVN server, I have been puttering about with an entry describing my results and experience for at least the last week. I hope to finish it up and get it posted in a couple of days.

We had a film crew on site shooting a marketing video, I worked myself into a couple of shots. I see a cutting room floor in my future.

We had (still have) a couple of conference rooms full of IMs and CDE from APAC for training.

Peter Weber had his staff onsite as well, the office and basically all of the conference rooms were packed.

In my spare time on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I played with and paniced a Sun Fire X4500(a.k.a. Thumper). Much in the vein of my previous what not to do with your lab boxes post. After creating a 7.4TB fully protected zfs pool I started writing a 7TB file removing disks with cfgadm until I went from a degraded state to a system panic when it became impossible to safely and sanely write data to the volume. Quite neat actually, after the system rebooted all of the volumes were intact and resilvered automatically. This week I am hopefully going to try writing data directly to some disks to see data corruption detection in action then maybe zfs send/recv before we have to give it back.

Went for a ride on Thursday afternoon. The weather was fabulous mid 60s and sunny. About 20 Miles at 13.5 MPH with a coworker. We should have four or so this week, we have decided that Thursday afternoons are for group rides.

Saturday we went to an SCA event and helped out in the kitchen cooking a feast for 80 or so people.

Sunday we went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival with some friends (It was pirate weekend, many Jack Sparrows were sited) and a 22:45 hockey game that didn't start until 23:15.

Next week: CEC 2006

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